Advanced Robotics Challenge

The Advanced Robotics Challenge is available to students aged 17 to 25 in the year of competition. In 2015, the Bowling game was introduced - and this has been continued in 2016 with some modifications. In the 2017 season the new game Tetrastack is introduced. 

The Advanced Robotics Challenge is based on the Matrix and TETRIX robotics building systems. Controllers have to be either NI myRIO, KNR (myRIO based) or EV3 from LEGO MINDSTORMS. Software has to be either LabView from National Instruments or any C language. There will be no restrictions to choice and number of sensors, motors and servos.

Restrictions to the robots and allowed materials will be updated in the WRO General Rules document (see the download section of this website).

Find out more about the Tetrastack game at

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