Table of eligibility

The WRO Table of Eligibility (TOE) defines how many teams a National Organizer of WRO may register for the international WRO final.

- The number of teams a National Organizer may send to the international WRO final in a category depends on the number of teams that participate in the country in the same category.

- A country has to have minimum 5 teams in any competition category to register teams for the international WRO final for that category.

- A team may participate in only one competition; Regular Category, Open Category, WRO Football or Advanced Robotics Challenge.

- Any student may participate in one team only.

- The numbers in the tables are maximum per age group and category and cannot be transferred from one age group or category to another. National Organizers may register fewer teams than allowed by the table of eligibility, but never more. 

- In Regular category, if a country does not compete in a certain age group, it is not allowed to swap teams around. (For example: If you have 5-99 teams and you don't compete in Senior age group, it is not allowed to bring 1 Elementary and 2 Junior teams.)

Each competition category has its own TOE. 


Open Category - WRO Football - Advanced Robotics Challenge

* Free choice of age group


Regular Category

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