How to participate

Only WRO member countries can qualify teams for participation in the international WRO event. A member country has a National Organizer that organizes the national competition. New national organizers get a one year trial membership that can be converted into a full membership after a succesful year.

Please see details on Application deadlines, Requirements, Rights and limitations in the model below!

Application deadlines: Requirements: Rights and Limitations:

Participation as WRO membership country

Must be approved before June 1st


A National Organizer must guarantee a minimum of 20 teams in year one to be approved.

Must be a well-known and reputable institution in the country in question and have growth ambitions.

The National Organizer has the right to use the WRO logo and the WRO games and rules for their country.

Team number for the international WRO event is regulated by Table of Eligibility.

Team number for regional WRO events is decided by regional rules. Teams compete under their country's name and flag!



An official application form may be obtained by request to WRO Secretary General.

A preliminary approval of WRO trial membership for this year may be given by the WRO Secretary General. A permanent approval may be given by the WRO Advisory Council at the meeting in November. Applicants can expect a reply within two weeks after delivery of application.

Registrant's WRO membership may be terminated if a national WRO tournament is not organized in the respective country or cluster of countries in the year of application.

On behalf of the WRO Advisory Council

Claus Ditlev Christensen

WRO Secretary General

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