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Claus Ditlev Christensen / Secretary General

As Secretary General in World Robot Olympiad Association, Claus has been working with WRO since 2010. Previously, Claus has worked as Program Manager at LEGO Education and as marketing lead in various positions. He holds a M.sc. in International Business from University of Southern Denmark.

From his first encounter with robotics in 2008 he experienced the profound impact it has in education. Since then he has dedicated his time to have as many children and young people as possible take an interest in robotics and the related sciences. With his experience from many years in WRO, Claus is leading the organizations’ endeavour to become a world leading association for educational robotics.

Claus Ditlev Christensen

Karen Bebelaar / Program Manager

Though she does not have a professional background that is linked to robotics or STEM education, Program Manager Karen Bebelaar has always been interested in this field. She has over ten years of experience as a project leader in a cultural diverse setting. After that she had a political career as an alderman in a highly dynamic borough of Rotterdam. The combination of thinking about strategic challenges on one hand and plain organizing and getting things done on the other fits her like a glove and she likes to work together with all kinds of people on all levels.

A couple of years ago she decided to take her technical curiosity to a higher level by becoming one of the coaches of a successful LEGO robotics team, learning more about coding and running MINDSTORMS coding workshops for children and young people. The look on the children’s faces when they grasp how to make a robot do what they want always makes her day. Giving kids a chance to master 21th century skills is an important challenge that she loves working on with WRO.

Karen Bebelaar


Markus Fleige / Program Consultant

As a Program Consultant Markus Fleige is assigned to special assignments including projects relating to IT, online collaboration and guidance of National Organizers. 

Markus‘ history with robotics dates back longer than ten years. During secondary school he took part in various robotic tournaments as a participant and later worked as coach and volunteer. In 2011 he and a group of friends founded the non-profit organization TECHNIK BEGEISTERT e.V. which since 2012 has been successfully running WRO in Germany. As the chairman of this organization Markus gathered valuable experiences as a National Organizer and the progress in Germany is a strong case to follow. Besides organizing WRO in Germany and being a consultant for WRO Association, Markus is co-owner of a web, media and IT services company - and he has been involved in the development of the WRO online registration system. With his unique combination of IT skills, robotics history and WRO experience, Markus is a valuable addition to WRO staff team.

Markus Fleige

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