WRO Experience

The World Robot Olympiad is an event that brings young people together from all over the world. It is a combination of science, technology and education.  WRO gives these young people the opportunity to develop their creative and problem solving skills through various robotic challenges and competitions.

Teams of three students are invited to enter these competitions. Participating teams need to create, design and build robot models that compete in one of three competition categories.

Interested students, guided by their teachers and coaches, are invited to participate and develop their robotic ideas in line with the competition’s rules and guidelines.

Depending on local organization of the competition, teams of participating students may be able to participate in local or district based activities before qualifying to participate at a national and possibly regional level.

Ultimately, teams qualifying through national competitions organized by WRO National Organizers in member countries, are invited to participate in the annual international final, the World Robot Olympiad. At this level of the competition, teams compete against the best teams from WRO member countries.


1.Provide school students with an opportunity to expand their horizons through exploration of robots and robotic systems in the school.
2.Introduce the concept of modern science into schools' educational activities in science and technology.
3.Provide an opportunity to promote creative thinking, improve communication and cooperation skills and strengthen the ability to acquire new knowledge highly relevant towards progressive education.
4.Bring together young people from all over the world to develop creativity and problem solving skills through challenging and educational robot competitions.
5.Broaden the youth’s view in the application of science & technology, improve their learning efficiency and encourage our youth to be future scientists, engineers and inventors.

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