Competitions in WRO

World Robot Olympiad organizes robotics competitions in four different competition categories

The Regular category was the first competition introduced by WRO. It is a challenge based competition in which teams will build robots that are designed to solve a given challenge set on a table.

Later, the Open Category competition was introduced. The Open category is a theme based competition in which teams use their creativity and problem solving skills in constructing smart robotic solutions that complement the theme of the competition. 

In 2010, WRO introduced WRO GEN II Football for the first time and it is now an official competition in WRO. Here teams of two robots play a game of football (soccer) on a playing field. WRO shares the rules for WRO GEN II Football with Robocup Junior Australia.

To involve older students the Advanced Robotics Challenge (formerly University Regular Category) was added to the competitions in 2013.

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