Frequently asked questions

All questions from teams must be directed to the National Organizer in the relevant country.

All questions from National Organizers regarding games and rules of a current season must be directed to the organizers of the international WRO final in a given year.

Q: Is the WRO open to all to participate in?

A: Participation in the WRO is restricted to WRO member countries only. Please see the About WRO section of the website regarding WRO membership and the Contact Us section regarding membership enquiries.

Q: Can individual teams register to participate in the international WRO final?

A: Individual teams cannot register to participate in the international WRO final. All registrations are coordinated through the WRO National Organizer of each member country. Teams must qualify from national level tournaments. For details about how your team can qualify, please contact your National Organizer

Q: My country has no National Organizer. Can I participate?

A: If your country is not a WRO member, but you would like to participate in the WRO competition, you will need to read the information concerning WRO membership on this website. You can discuss details with the WRO Secretary General (please see the Contact Us section). If you would like to become a National Organizer, you can request for a membership application (see the How To Participate section) and forward it to the WRO Secretary General for consideration. Please make sure you provide all of the requested details

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