Dive for pearls, find the treasures and climb the mountains!

Final version of WRO 2015 now live!

The final version of the rules for WRO 2015 are now available from http://www.wro2015.org/challenges.php.

Changes have been made to the rules that make it simpler to construct the playing fields and source the necessary parts that are used to construct 3D objects.

Most notably, the automatic timer in Pearl Diving has been removed as feedback received noted that it was a challenge in some countries to source the parts needed to construct this feature.

GEN II Football has also been subject to a revision. Feedback from the 2014 season told us that robots would often get stuck fighting for the ball - calling for judge interference. With the new changes we have dissallowed the "dribblers" as no robot is allowed to protrude over the ball. Other minor rule changes have also been implemented - all with the focus of creating more flow in the games.

So fire up your robots - dive for pearls, find the treasures, climb the mountains and score the winning goals!!

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