Membership criteria

Qualifying criteria for new WRO National Organizers 

Basic requirements to be a WRO National Organizer:

1. Must be an officially registered organization or company with sound financials e.g. paid up capital, audited report etc.
2. Must have been in business under same name over last 3 years.
3. Must have proven experiences within robots in education, organizing of competitions, and/or organizing of events with children age 7 – 21.
4. Must have close relations or current cooperation with regional or national educational authorities.
5. An educational organization must partner up with a commercial company, or a commercial company must partner up with an educational organization to support and/or endorse the WRO activities.
6. Must be able to ensure WRO teams’ easy access to robot materials and service parts as required by WRO - perhaps in cooperation with an educational material supplier.
7. Must assign a qualified employee to be WRO know-how person (point of contact), and as such be well informed on all WRO matters like  Games & Rules, General rules, Standard Operation Procedures, Host country information’s and full  WRO web site content.

Areas of commitment: A potential National Organizer should be committed to do the following:

1. Market and organize a WRO competition with a minimum of 20 teams in year one.
2. Plan and budget for an expected growth of 25% each of the first three years, and provide a draft plan explaining, how to market and recruit a growing number of teams.
3. Provide a forecast for number of teams in year 1, 2 and 3,
4. Expand the WRO activities after minimum three years in order to roll out a nationwide recruitment of   WRO teams (offering WRO in minimum 2 major regions).
5. Have funding available for supporting the travel cost of teams to the international WRO event.
6. Will not collect fees from participating teams and students, which exceed cost for food, lodging and transportation. (Applies to both national and international WRO tournaments).
7. Will  inform details to WRO on number of WRO teams on national level
8. Will inform details of contacts person to WRO and always keep WRO updated on any changes in company/organization names, addresses, email etc.
9. Accept timely payment of a possible yearly membership fee to WRO Association Ltd. 
10. Will meet with representative from WRO Board of Trustees at the National Organizers premises to discuss difficulties, if any, in fulfilling the criteria and/or commitment.
11. Accept possible withdrawal of the authorization as WRO National Organizer in case one or more of the qualifying criteria and listed commitments are violated or clearly ceased to exist
12.  Accept in case of termination that National Organizor is not entitled to any compensation what so ever.

Rules for terminating agreements with WRO National Organizers

• In case one or more of the criteria or areas of commitment are clearly violated, and/or the number of WRO teams decreases by more than 20% in each year for two consecutive years, the WRO Board of
Trustees will give a warning of possible termination, within 12 months to rectify the violated points.
• Hereafter BOT may terminate the National Organizer with immediate effect and authorize another organization or company to be National Organizer for the country in question.

Interested in appointment as WRO National Organizer?
Please request an application form from WRO Secretary General:

Mr. Claus Ditlev Christensen (

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