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Cogmation Robotics - from the Virtual Robotics Toolkit - is now supporting World Robot Olympiad

We are happy to announce that Cogmation Robotics is now supporting World Robot Olympiad. The Canadian company has developed the award-nominated Virtual Robotics Toolkit.

Director of Sales for Cogmation Tim Shea says, “We are thrilled to partner with WRO to bring the fun and excitement of virtual robotics to all their participants. Kids from all over the world can soon program and design robots, and take on WRO challenges with each other at any time all year long, a great addition to the already strong WRO programs.”

Cogmation’s software The Virtual Robotics Toolkit is a computer program that enables students to master their LEGO® robotics skills before they use the physical robot. The command console is identical to the physical robots’ and the graphics are of superior quality, making the simulator an excellent learning tool. Just like pilots use flight simulators for cost-effective and learning purposes, now robotics students and educator can enjoy similar benefits.

Secretary General for WRO, Claus Ditlev Christensen shares Tim’s sentiments; “There is a future for computer simulated robotics. It’s a clever way to train people and explore new possibilities. We are really looking forward to increasing our reach and getting more people involved in the world of both virtual and real-life robots.”

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