Relive WRO 2013 in Jakarta!

Outstanding performances, impressive robots

The 10th WRO international final

392 teams from 37 countries participated in the 10th international World Robot Olympiad final in Jakarta (WRO 2013).

Teams participated in one of four competition categories – regular, open, WRO GEN II Football and college regular. Preliminary rounds took place on the first day of the competition where all teams did their best to qualify for the final rounds which were scheduled for the second day.

After the opening ceremony the atmosphere in the Jakarta Ecovention Hall was intense as teams in the regular and WRO GEN II Football categories worked to complete the construction of their robots in time (in WRO robots cannot be prebuilt). At the same time the open category teams began their presentations to the judges.

For robotics fans of all ages this year’s open category was a mindblowing experience.

WRO 2013 proved yet again that in WRO kids of all ages can work wonders with their robots – and that creativity, innovation and teamwork are key ingredients to be succesful.

The official WRO 2013 video


Thanks to the organizers of WRO 2013 and thanks to our sponsors.

We look forward to welcoming you in Moscow for WRO 2014!

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