As a nonprofit organization, World Robot Olympiad Association is proud to work with sponsors who share our mission of giving young people an opportunity to take interest in robotics and STEM.

For WRO to grow and increase the number of participants and member countries we rely on support from partners and sponsors. WRO invites your company to become a sponsor or member of our WRO Sponsors Club. 


WRO offers individually negotiated sponsorships at different levels - silver, gold and premium. We gladly engage in a dialogue with you to ensure the sponsorship agreement meets your objectives.

WRO Sponsors Club

The WRO Sponsors Club is introduced in 2016. WRO invites anyone to contribute and in return you get the opportunite to affiliate your company, organization or yourself with WRO. 

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Find more information on how to support WRO here.

Premium Sponsor


Silver Sponsors

 National Instruments          

Matrix Robotics System