WRO 2014 in Sochi

See pictures and video from WRO 2014

Almost 400 teams from 47 countries travelled to Sochi, Russia, for the 11th international WRO final – WRO 2014.

The event was hosted in the Sochi Media Center – which was the center of the Sochi Winter Olympics – and WRO 2014 was a grand event.

As in previous years, most teams participated in the WRO Regular and Open categories – but WRO GEN II Football yet again attracted a lot of attention. WRO 2014 was also the last event of the Mars Colony WRO College Regular game. A new University Regular game format will be introduced for 2015.

We have made a selection of images available in our download section – and you can see all official images on our Facebook page.

The official video from WRO 2014 is available here.

Thanks to the organizers of WRO 2014. We look forward to welcoming all of you in Doha, Qatar, for WRO 2015.

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