WRO 2016 website is live!

See all the games for WRO 2016 - and much more

The WRO 2016 website is now live at www.wro2016india.org !


At this event website you find all information relating to the WRO 2016 season which culminates on November 26-27 with the International WRO Final (WRO 2016) in New Delhi, India.


We are excited to see more than 22,000 teams worldwide get into the action.


The theme "Rap the Scrap" covers the Regular and Open Category competitions - where teams will be challenged to come up with innovative solutions to reduce, recycle and manage waste! We also present the new "WRO Football" game and the second edition of Advanced Robotics Challenge where robots will be competing in a game of bowling (Advanced Robotics Challenge uses the same game for two seasons - with minor game design changes in the second year).


If you are a team of roboteers and want to take part in competitions we invite you to contact the national organizer in your country for more information on how you can get involved!

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